Always be up to date and informed on your financial position

Online Bookkeeping and Accounting

On demand access lets you take your office anywhere


The benefits of real time on the go access through browser or mobile App's:

  • All expenses can be uploaded and entered as they occur
  • Track employee expenses as they occur
  • On the spot invoicing gets you paid quicker.
  • Time sheets can be directly loaded by employees with limited access accounts
  • Create and estimate direct which does not have to be re-entered when you return to the office.
  • Go paperless and store images of invoices uploaded
  • Multiple user access rather than one user

Know your current financial position


How much of a benefit is it to your enterprise to be able to know your financial position on a daily basis rather than a weekly or monthly period? Real time online bookkeeping makes this possible and gives you the power over your cash flow.

Granville Accounting's online bookkeeping service is a continuous real time system.:

  • Real time remote data processing of all your documents no matter where you are in the world
  • Daily reconciled bank accounts
  • Daily live tracing of sales taxes due
  • Quick access reporting customized to your specific requirements
  • Always backed up, never loose valuable information
  • Excellent audit and transactions monitoring for best practices
  • Less time at accountants with built in requests and work centre
  • Always up to date system and technology
  • Easily scaled up to your business growth